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We often need to switch positions of the rows and columns of a table in Excel. Now you can do it very easily!

We have created a powerful tool that transposes the rows and columns of a table, putting the columns in place of the rows and vice versa.

Sometimes we work on tables that acquire multiple columns over time, making them difficult to manage.

Other times, third-party applications export data tables in Excel format, that would be more convenient if they had the rows in place of the columns and vice versa.

For these cases, you can now use our application which makes the process of swapping tables very easy.

Watch the video below and download the demo to try out our app:


Click here to download the demo version of the app.

You can order the app with Paypal by clicking the order button below. The cost is 9.90 US$, one-time fee. No annual or costs per license/user.

Since this is an Excel application, we can customize it further according to your specifications. In that case, just send us a message!

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