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We offer professional MS Excel services to businesses and individuals.

"Before and After" of a custom report in Excel

"I have an Excel file and need to correct/update/upgrade it".

We can help! We have already done so, so many times so far. And our customers loved the new version of their files that we delivered! No error messages, working fast and fluently, with new functions and automatization. And please note that we take data confidentiality very seriously. We will be happy to sign a data confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure agreement if requested by the client.

Excel app that automates the booking process of hotel or Airbnb listing

"I do much repetitive work with Excel every day. How can I automate my Excel data entry and processing?"

There is no Excel file that can't get better! After studying the way you have set up your existing Excel procedures, we will come up with suggestions that will change the way you work with your Excel files, forever. New functions, buttons that automate tasks and do the job in seconds, new graphics and visuals... are just a few things that you should expect.

Custom formula that predicts and fills values as you type

"Is there a way to create an Excel formula of my own?"

 Yes of course! We can create any kind of custom Excel functions that work exactly like the built-in ones, but do tasks that are specifically design for your purpose. We have created several special formulae so far, like the ColorSum that sums all cells with a specified color background, the IsLike and InText that extract and validate patterns of text inside large amounts of data, the PwGen that creates series of random characters and/or digits and/or symbols of specified lengths... and many more.

Custom app to send batch email messages (newsletters)

"I want to create an Excel application for my business. Can you develop it?"

With pleasure! Our motto is: there is nothing that Excel can't do. It is true that Excel can be so much more than just spreadsheets. Our portfolio of developed custom applications includes: dynamic calendars, accounting tools and dynamic reports, booking systems, warehouse management software, human resources scheduling, sales management, invoicing... You can browse this website to see a few samples and checkout the quality of our work.

How We Work
The first step is to discuss your needs and requirements and then we proceed with suggestions about the developing, the design and the functions of your Excel project. After we come to an agreement, we present our offer, which is usually based on an hourly rate, and the estimated delivery (we have a score of 100% on-time delivery so far!). One of our main concerns is the user friendliness of our custom Excel applications and pay much attention to their design and practicality. After the delivery, we care about supporting our apps and their users whenever needed. 

Let's Excel!
We will be more than happy to receive your requests. Just use the form at the end of the page to send us an initial message, briefly explaining your Excel needs and also adding a way of communication. We support the following ways of communication: Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and email.

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