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We often say that "simple solutions are often the best". Excel greatly simplifies the process of assigning your employees to departments or tasks and creating a work schedule!

Below is the application's main screen, which contains a dynamic Excel form. In our example, we have the blue list on the left with the departments and the orange one on the right containing the employees (instead of departments we could also use tasks, projects or even shifts).

After first selecting the date and time, we then click on the desired department and then we select an employee. The "Selected Department" and "Selected Staff" fields are automatically filled-in with each click that we make in the corresponding lists.

Once we have made the necessary choices, we click the Save button and the assignment is automatically saved in the Schedule on the second sheet of the application.

Each time we make an entry, the app automatically sorts the schedule from the oldest to the newest date and time, so the order of saving the assignments is not important.

Once you have entered all the assignments, click on the "Go to schedule" button to go to the corresponding sheet:

The first time you work with the application, you can insert your business name or logo at the top. You can return to the assignment form at any time by clicking on the "Go to assigns" button.

The schedule is designed to print on an A4 page, and Excel also allows you to save it in PDF format.

You can order the app via the Paypal by clicking on the order button below and receive it in your email. It costs € 19.90 one-time fee. There are no other costs, annual or per user/license.

Since this is a dynamic application in Excel, it can be further customized to meet the needs of your business. In this case, just send us a message from the website's contact form.

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