Interested in generating random numbers in Excel? - Looking for Custom Excel Spreadsheets, Templates and Applications?

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An Excel function that does not recalculate random numbers every time you change something in your spreadsheet.

The SRANDOM (Static Random) function is similar to the built-in Excel function, which automatically generates random numbers between two limits, lowest and highest. It is used just like all Excel built-in functions. The difference is that the numbers it generates are not recalculated with every change you make to your datasheet.

It is especially useful for those who need a set of random numbers to work with Excel and can be further customized to your specifications. It's easy to install and you can open it on demand, or install it as an add-in so it is available in all your Excel files. It costs 9.90 US$, one-time fee and you can order it by sending us a message using the website's contact form.

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