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Powerful and fast, this custom Excel app will help you organize your upcoming events into colored lists
We often need to organize our tasks, reminders and events into a calendar.

With this powerful custom Excel application, you are able to organize all of the above into separate lists, such as: personal due dates, business tasks, holidays and leaves, meetings and appointments etc.

You can get a brief idea of the functionality and usability of our application in the following video:

An Excel dynamic calendar with colored event lists

Each event list has its own color to stand out from the rest. For each list, you have to select a name and a color, and then enter its events. For each event you need to select its date, a title and of course the list it belongs to.

Once you open the calendar, you have to select a starting date and it will automatically be updated for the next 12 months, including all the events you have planned for all the lists, for the next 12 months period.

Select one list at a time or all calendar events at once

You can then filter whichever list you want at any time, to isolate only its events in the calendar, or choose to view all the events in all the lists simultaneously. Double-clicking on a date that contains an event opens the event and you can see its details.

This is a dynamic custom calendar application in Excel that will help you organize your personal and professional commitments. It is very user-friendly and fast and you can get it for 59 US$, one-time fee, with no additional costs, annual or per license / user.

Payment can be done via the PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Since this is a custom application in Excel, it can be expanded and upgraded to meet more specific needs and requirements. In this case, we will be happy to receive your message through the website's contact form.

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