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We have taken note of all your comments and suggestions and are presenting the new version of our Excel Booking System. An ideal and affordable app to manage your hotel's reservations, aimed at small and medium-sized hotels and Airbnb hosts.

You will find the following upgrades in the new version :

1. Select the color of each room reservation.

You can now select or change the color of each booking displayed in the booking calendar. This way you can group your bookings by sales channel, rooms, customers, etc.

2. Organize room pricing in price lists.

For each room, the app provides a basic price per overnight and 6 additional price lists. You can have a total of 7 alternative rates per room per overnight, depending on the season or any other criteria you may choose.

3. More information about your customers.

We have added new customer fields to the booking form, such as the customer's phone, mail address, and email address.

4. Schedule your clients' meals.

The booking form contains a new table, listing the breakdown of guests (adults, children up to 5 years and children from 6 to 10 years, per room reservation) and their meals: BB (bed & breakfast), HB (half board), and FB (full board). For each meal selection, you may enter the corresponding price per customer per day and the total cost of the meals, and of course, the total cost of the particular room reservation is automatically calculated.

5. We incorporated overnight tax.

You can optionally enter the overnight tax for each room separately in the corresponding room table (required by government law in some countries).

6. Daily update on arrivals, departures, and meals with the click of a button.

In the app's report sheet, you have the option to select a date and you can see instant information on the day's arrivals, departures, and meals' analysis. This feature helps you prepare in advance and schedule your tasks.

7. Print a room reservation.

You can easily print any room reservation. By clicking on the corresponding button of the booking form, the print is automatically generated and designed to fit perfectly on an A4 page.

8. Other improvements.

We fixed a few minor bugs of the app to make it easier and faster than the previous versions.


 The new reservation form

The application's booking calendar

The rooms' table

The daily analysis of arrivals, departures, and meals

Printing a booking

How to get the new version of the booking application.

The Excel Booking System application is offered for a one-off, 99 US$ introductory offer, with no other costs, yearly or per user/license. 

You can order it through Paypal and receive it directly in your email by clicking the button below.

For those who have already purchased any of the previous versions of the app: you can get the new version by paying just the price difference, please use our contact form to let us know.

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