Product Costing and Pricing with Excel - Looking for Custom Excel Spreadsheets, Templates and Applications?

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Pricing a product has become an easy task with our Excel application!

How do I cost products with Excel?

Costing a product is one of the most important elements of doing good business. Some say it is an art! Keeping those in mind, we created a simple but powerful custom Excel application to assist you on costing a product and setting a profitable selling price.

Initially you can type your business' name at the top area or we can alternatively insert a logo image. To insert a logo you must first unlock the sheet (no password set).

Then you type the name of the product to cost, in the corresponding field.

Then you insert all the costing factors of the product, a title and the cost for each. The application supports up to 15 different costing factors.

Then you type the desired profit margin and the application automatically calculates the proposed selling price. Or you can type the selling price first and the app will automatically calculate the margin.

Finally, by using the spinner button to the right, you can create sales & profits scenarios, either by writing directly the number of items  you expect to sell, or by clicking the spinner button's arrows. You can also set your own incremental change of the spinner, for example thousands, and check out how much your sales & profits will be with each click.

Create a costing archive so you can re-cost an item whenever necessary.

The app allows you to save your costings in a database so you can re-edit each costed product in the future, and then save again.

In the second sheet (DATABASE) you will find all your saved costings. Double-clicking on each product's name in the first column, opens its costing in the corresponding form to edit and re-save it.


MS Excel Product Costing Custom Application - The Affordable Software that Makes Product Costing Easy!

This is a practical and fast-calculating application that really makes product costing and pricing a joy! It is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses and stores that want a cost accounting program so they can easily control and set the selling prices of their products.

Because it is based on Excel, it can be further customized and enhanced to suit the specific needs of your business.

The stand-alone version you see in the video costs 34.90 US$, one-time-fee, with no annual costs or costs per user. You can order it through PayPal by clicking the button below or by sending a message from the website's contact form.

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