Is MS Excel suitable as a Payroll and Hourly Payments Tracking Application? - Looking for Custom Excel Spreadsheets, Templates and Applications?

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Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, Excel is a great application to manage your payroll or hourly payments.

Excel Payroll Program

Its user-friendliness and the fact that we are all more or less familiar with its basic use, makes it an ideal application to keep track of your business payroll: from registering working hours/days, personnel days-off, payments and due balances, to printing the monthly payroll and other statistical reports.

How an Excel Payroll Application Usually Works

It consists of 4 basic components: fixed tables, data entry/editing forms, statistical reports and printouts.

Initially, a fixed sheet containing your employees' personal data is created. Here you will keep their basic info so you can select them later when you will use the forms to enter their hours/days of work, leaves, and payments. Editing this fixed table can be done either through a dynamic form or by changing the cells' values directly.

There is also the option to have a fixed table with projects that each employee is involved in, so you can then track hours and payments per employee and per project.

The next step is to create a series of dynamic forms that will allow you to make new entries as well as edit existing ones.

Some examples:

  • Personnel Form, by which you input and edit your employee details.
  • The Hours or Days worked Form, with which you make the corresponding entries.
  • Days-off Form, which handles employee leaves and holidays.
  • Payments Form, from which you manage the payments made to your staff.

Entries made with dynamic forms fill the payroll application's database performing a few automatic calculations at the same time. All this info will be the base for the statistical reports that we will see below.

The most important element of a payroll application: statistical information

It is important for an application that manages a company's payroll to provide reliable information to management in an easy and fast way.

In Excel-based applications, at the touch of a button, the user can see instantly a series of statistical reports on employee payroll. For example, per employee: their payroll, days or hours worked over a specific time and/or a specific project, their leaves schedule, payments made and also the due payment balances they may have.

The above statistical reports are of course available not just per employee, but in totals too.

Finally, based on the statistical reporting data, a set of printouts is created, depending on the needs of each business. These prints are about the monthly payroll clearance but also several other prints and notes either to inform staff and management or for the business record.

Where do I find an Excel payroll application for my business?

We have extensive experience in developing custom payroll applications in Excel and would be happy to create one for your business!

Because each business has its own characteristics and needs, we design and develop each payroll application from scratch. So you don't have to spend money on features you don't really need and in the end, you will own an app that contains just what your business needs. This, of course, means that you save not just money, but time as well, as daily payroll management will be done with just a few clicks!

The development time of an Excel payroll application is usually 1 to 3 weeks and it begins immediately after our initial discussion to explore the features and needs of your business.

You will be regularly updated about the state of development and will often receive the application once one of its components is completed so you can test it and see if it meets your expectations and what we agreed on, at the designing stage.

After delivering the completed application, we support our projects whenever needed, by user-educating of the app's use and functions.  Also with future extensions or upgrades when needed.

Manufacturing costs are far less than a ready-made package designed to meet the needs of any business and usually contain many features that you will never need in practice, although you have paid for. Note also that Excel payroll applications have no annual costs and costs per user or license.

You can use the website's contact form and send us a short message as well as a way to contact you to discuss your payroll management application!

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