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Excel is an ideal tool to use as a recipe builder and food cost calculator, for home or professional use!

You create your "magic" in the kitchen every day, but have you ever thought that you could have a powerful tool that could host and index all your recipes and at the same time help you build and calculate the cost of each one of them?

Microsoft's Excel as a recipe builder and food cost calculator

As you can see in the image above, Excel can be an excellent option for your home or restaurant. It offers plenty of options and functions that can help you manage your recipes.

You can set a short and a full name for your recipe and also assign a category to it. Also, you set the number of portions that you intent to create with this recipe.

Then, you can select each ingredient of the recipe by pressing the small plus (+) button on each line and set only the quantity that you will use. All of the other ingredient's info (units, cost per unit, totals and costs per portion) are filled automatically in the form.

Optionally you can select up to 4 small warning icons describing the allergies that may occur by the recipe's ingredients and also you can optionally fill the steps required to complete the cooking.

Finally, you can add optional comments about this recipe.

Below the comments there is a table that is mostly intented for professional use and automatically calculates the profit each time you set a desired selling price.

Excel Recipe Builder as a home or restaurant inventory spreadsheet

The ingredients management with this app is easily performed with the use of a dynamic form that lets you add and edit the ingredients that are saved inside your "digital inventory". This Excel Recipe Builder application also keeps track of your stock and warns you about the ingredients that are close to their warning stock limits, and this feature makes it perfect for professional use too!

Printing your recipe calculator sheets

As you can see in the image below, each recipe sheet is designed and measured to fit perfectly in a standard A4 sheet so you can organize an offline recipe database too, if you wish.


Recipe Builder: Extensions and Upgrades

Since this is a custom-made Excel application, we can add new features on demand. Some examples would be: recipe calorie calculatorrecipe nutrition calculator and specifically for professional use, a restaurant daily sales spreadsheet.

Overall, Excel Recipe Builder is a powerful, yet user-friendly application with a great value for money because it will cover all your needs for building, costing and indexing your own or favorite recipes. Its price is 129 US$, one time fee and it has no annual or any other cost. You can order this app via the PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Order Excel Recipe Builder
(129 US$ - one time fee - no extra costs)

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