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Find the exact cost of your food recipes and set the best price! This dynamic Excel application will assist you in costing the cooking recipes that you create.

It is suitable for professional and amateur cooks and chefs who want to know exactly how much each recipe costs and to (optionally) set the correct price.

Main features of the recipe costing Excel template:

We usually buy our ingredients in different units than the ones we use in our recipes. For example, we buy salt in Oz but we may use it in teaspoons. The app supports automatic conversion from one unit to another. It includes a large number of conversion combinations already, but you can create your own too. When you add a new ingredient to the app's database, you complete the buying amount, the buying units, and the buying price (for example, 1 lb of elbow macaroni for $1.49), and then you select the recipe units to convert to (for example, cups). The app will calculate the cost per cup automatically. And then, when you add macaroni as an ingredient in one of your recipes, you will just type the number of cups that you'll use and the app will calculate the ingredient cost correctly.


Let's assume that you buy flour in Bags and use it in Cups. Let's also assume that a bag of flour fills 10 cups.

A. First we need to add the Unit Conversion. This needs to be done ONCE. 
1. Go to the "UNIT CONVERSIONS" sheet
2. Press the orange PLUS button on the top-left
3. Type "Bag of Flour" on the new cell that is created (we need to add this unit since it is not already on the list of units)
4. Press the orange PLUS button at the top right
5. On the new row that is created: keep number 1 on the first cell, select "Bag of Flour" from the drop-down list on the 2nd cell, keep "equals" on the 3rd cell, add 10 on the forth cell and select "Cups" from the list on the last cell. The whole row should now read "1 Bag of Flour equals 10 Cups"

B. Then we need to add the Flour as an ingredient:
1. Go to either the "MAIN INGREDIENTS" or the "ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS" sheet (you are free to select where each ingredient goes)
2. Press the PLUS button on the top right
3. Type "Flour (Cups)" as the ingredient's name, type 1 in the 2nd cell, select "Bag of Flour" from the list in the 3rd cell, type the price that you pay for one bag of flour in the 4th cell, and select Cups from the drop-down list on the 5th cell. 

The app calculates automatically the cost per cup of flour and from now on, each time you use cups of flour in any of your recipes the costing will be accurate and will be calculated automatically, no matter how many cups you may use in any of your recipes. If in the future you find another supplier and you get 1 bag of flour for a different price, you only need to change the BUYING PRICE cell for this ingredient. All future recipes will be costed correctly with the new price.

This is the procedure and unfortunately, it really can't be more automated than that, since no app can have all this info by itself. You buy flour in bags, another person could buy in kilos - you use flour in cups, another could use it in spoons... Each user needs to customize the app according to their requirements by "feeding" the app once and the app will successfully keep costing any recipe.

You have the ability to save the materials and costs that you use most often in 3 separate updatable tables (main ingredients, additional ingredients, other costs) so that you can select them using drop-down lists instead of typing them. When you choose an ingredient for your recipe, its cost per unit fills in automatically and you only fill in the amount you will use in your recipe. All other calculations are done automatically.

You can add up to 3 photos related to your recipe. Click on any of the 3 boxes and select a photo that is already saved on your computer. You can remove a photo by clicking on the small black button with the hyphen in the lower right corner of each photo frame.

Plenty of space to write the instructions and notes for your recipe.

Real-time charts showing the cost analysis and the cost vs. profit ratio of your recipe.

The top section of the recipe entry form remains fixed so you can instantly check how the cost is adjusted with each change in ingredients or quantities. You can of course configure the zoom level of your Excel so that the display is convenient for your own screen.

Once you have completed a recipe, you can easily print it, as the recipe form is designed to print perfectly on an A4 page.

You can also save your recipe to a PDF file with the click of a button to keep it in your file or easily send it via email.

With the "NEW RECIPE" button you can immediately delete the current contents of the recipe form and start creating a new recipe.

Functions and other parts of the application are "locked" so that you do not delete a function by mistake.

Simple instructions of use:

1. Fill in the descriptive details such as the name of the recipe and the date first. It is suggested that you also add the # of servings in the name of your recipe, for example, Macaroni & Cheese (4 servings)

2. Type or select the main ingredients of the recipe and their recipe quantities. You can fill up to 6 per recipe.

3. Type or select the additional ingredients of the recipe and their recipe quantities. You can fill up to 15 per recipe.

4. Finally, fill in or select the other costs such as power consumption, water use, preparation cost, etc. You can fill up to 5 per recipe.

5. Optionally fill in the desired selling price (for all servings). If you do, the app also calculates the profit margin as a percentage and as an amount.

6. Optionally type the instructions/notes of your recipe.

7. Optionally add up to 3 photos of your recipe.

You can save this costed recipe as a new Excel file on your computer to keep it in your file and reopen it whenever needed, without having to recalculate it.


The price of this app is $19.90, a one-time fee. You can order it via PayPal by clicking the button below. When you order this app, you will receive two files, the first one contains a demo recipe and its ingredients, so you can test and understand faster the easy concept and functions of the app. The other one is empty so you can start working when ready.

Since this is an Excel spreadsheet, it is possible to customize it according to your specifications/desires. In that case, please send us a message using the site's contact form.

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