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Get to know Excel Ultra Calendar, the dynamic calendar that manages your reminders and events, easily!

Features of the application:

1. Monthly dynamic reminder calendar in Excel format. You select a month and a year and see the reminders that you have entered, in different colors of your choice. It works for all years, either in the past or in the future.

2. Using the Options tab you can optionally select a logo that will be automatically inserted into all tabs of the application, or enter the title you want to appear at the top of the calendar.

3. In the same tab you can also choose a color scheme for the calendar or create up to 3 color combinations of your choice, by double-clicking on the colored boxes.

4. You can also set the maximum number of reminders per day (from 1 to 7 reminders/day).

5. In the Database tab, enter the entries you want to display in the calendar. The procedure is very easy and is done as follows:

a. Click the Add New Event button.
b. In the Date field, either enter the date directly or double-click and select a date from the pop-up calendar.
c. Type the event's title and double-click to select the color of the reminder. You can also change the font color if you wish. The colors you select in this field will be displayed in the calendar.
d. Optionally, fill in the remaining five Helping Fields with as much information as you want to accompany the specific reminder. This information is displayed in the form of a popup comment on the calendar, each time you hover over a reminder.

You can delete an event from the database (and therefore from the calendar) by double-clicking the X button to the right of each database entry.

6. In Calendar, you can change between months/years with the +/- buttons at the top of the screen. Each time you make a selection, the calendar is automatically populated with reminders of the selected month. You can refresh the Calendar whenever you want by clicking the Refresh button on the left.

7. You can also print the calendar or export it as a PDF file. In both cases, the calendar is designed to fit on an A4 sized paper.

Watch a short video that shows how the application works:

The price of the application is 24.90 US$, a one-time fee. There are no annual costs or costs per user/license. You can order the calendar with Paypal's transaction security by clicking on the order button below and receive it in your email.

Because this is an Excel application, we can further customize it according to your wishes/requirements and enrich it with additional functions. In this case, please use the contact form of the website and send us a message briefly describing your requirements.

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