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The XL Easy Offers app will help you to create price lists for your products very quickly, as well as proposals, quotes, and orders for your customers.

The concept of this smart Excel app is simple and practical: you keep a price list of all your products in an easy-to-use table, and then create offers and orders on demand, simply by inputting quantities on the appropriate products when needed.

Features of the application:

1. We can customize the application for any type of business products and/or services by configuring the columns, the calculations, and the app's functions accordingly.

2. If you choose to input the cost of your products/services, then the app will also show the expected profits from each offer/order.

3. Support for photos of products/services.

4. Once you enter the quantity of a product, all calculations are done automatically.

5. Using the app's Tables tab, you can define categories and units of measurement/packaging of your products. You can also change the title that will appear at the top of the form (eg Offer, Order, Proposal, etc.)

6. All forms have your company logo and company details. You only enter the details of each customer.

7. You can easily add new products/services to the price list.

8. You can choose to display (and print) only products that have a quantity, or all.

9. Prints perfectly on A4 pages. Columns showing your costs and profits are not printed.

10. You can export the form to a PDF file with the press of a button and then send it to your customer's email.

11. You can also export the form to a new Excel file, which retains all functionality. This way you can keep in a folder all the offers/orders that you will send to your customers, but also reopen them to make changes and save them again.

12. If you have regular customers, we can additionally create a customer list within the application so you will select the customer of each order / offer instead of typing their info each time.

Check out a brief video showing the app:

The XL Easy Offers application with the columns you see in the video above is provided at the price of 90 US$, a one-time fee, without annual or other costs. You can order it with PayPal by clicking on the order button below, or by sending us a message via the website.

For a small additional fee that we will agree in advance, we can add new columns and features to the application.

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