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Very easy to use Excel dynamic calendar app, with colorful categories of tasks and reminders. Ideal for social media planning and more!

Description of the sections and operation of the dynamic calendar (an example of using the app for Social Media Planning):

1. Calendar View
As you can see in the image below, the calendar is monthly and each horizontal line shows one week. Every day has space to display a possible holiday, as well as up to 2 scheduled tasks and/or reminders.

You can select the month from the box on the top left of the app or the year from the corresponding box on the top right. With the blue PLUS button on the left, you are led to the input form to add a new entry to the calendar, and with the blue button on the right, you can refresh the contents of the selected month and year. Each time you add a new entry or select a different month/year, the calendar is automatically refreshed.

2. Input Form
The dynamic form with which you enter new entries in the diary is designed to be simple and to make your work easier. Once you select a category, its usual description is typed automatically as well as the color of the category, which of course you can change whenever you want. You then select the date from the small calendar and click on the Save button. That was it, the task/reminder has been saved in the database and now appears in your calendar!

3. Defining Categories, Usual Descriptions, and Colors
In this screen, you specify the tasks/reminders categories that you want to be available in the registration form's drop-down menu. You can change, remove, or add a category and its features at any time. In the "OPEN TAB" column, you can specify which tab will open automatically when you double-click on a calendar's entry of that category. For example, whenever you double-click a listing in the "Share a Question" category, the "Questions" tab automatically opens, which contains ready-made questions to select the one you want to share with your audience. You can optionally add new sheets to the app with the material of your choice and link them to specific categories so that they open automatically when double-clicking on them in the calendar view.

4. "Quotes" and "Questions" Screens
If you want to use the application as a Media Planning Calendar, then the above two sheets are provided which contain ready-made material for your posts. There is no additional cost for these extra tabs. The first provides a database with over 30,000 quotes, divided into categories. The second provides a database with 200 carefully selected questions that are designed to increase the engagement of your fan base. Of course, you can change the above bases by adding your own.

5. "Holidays" Screen
In this tab, you optionally add the holidays you want to automatically display in your calendar. The application already contains the US holidays for 2020, 2021, and 2022 and you can easily add your own dates and update this list.

6. The Database Screen
On the last tab of the application resides its database, which hosts all your entries. Here you can make changes to entries or delete any rows that may have been added by mistake. If you are familiar with Excel filters, you can apply them to the database and isolate groups of entries by category, description, date, and even color.

Check out the application's ease of use in the following video:

This calendar application costs 70 US$, a one-time fee, with no other costs, annual or per license/user.

You can order it via PayPal by clicking on the button below or by sending a message via the website's contact form and receive it in your email.

Since this is a custom application in Excel, it can be customized and upgraded based on more specialized needs and requirements. In this case, we will be happy to receive your message and discuss your specifications for the calendar app you desire!

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