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Want to track your personal income and expenses? Download this free Excel little tool, which will help you to have a complete picture of your personal budget!

The application is very easy to use: At the beginning of each month you type the starting balance and then you fill in the expected income and expenses. As the month goes by, you fill in your actual income and expenses and can see the difference from the planned ones. At the end of each month, you have a complete picture of your real income and expenses as well as how "accurate" your predictions were.

This practical application will help you better organize your personal budget but also save money as you will see month by month where you spend most of your money.

Once a month is over, you can either make a copy of the application in a specific local or cloud folder, or copy the current sheet to a new one and start forecasting for the next month. You can also print each month on paper, as the application is designed to print perfectly on an A4 page.

It is a handy and friendly application that uses only functions and not macros. You can download it completely free by clicking on the link below and of course you can contact us by sending an email, or via the contact form, if you wish to further customize it based on your own specifications.

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