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A handy and user-friendly calendar app that will help you set and schedule your employees'  monthly tasks and reminders.

Features of the application:

1. Monthly dynamic employee scheduling calendar. Each month is on a separate Excel tab. The days are in vertical order in the first column and the workers are placed in the next columns. The first column with the dates of each month remains fixed so you can easily work on employee columns.

2. You can dynamically change the year for the whole calendar and start from the beginning. You can keep copies of previous years before changing the year of the calendar.

3. Supports up to 25 employees. When you fill in the name of a new employee, he/she appears automatically in all months tabs so you can schedule tasks for him/her instantly.

4. You can have unlimited types of assignments - tasks. For each type, you can define 4 formatting elements that will appear in the calendar: cell color, font color, bold / non-bold font, cell fill pattern. 

5. Optionally, you can enter the holidays of each year in the relevant table so that these dates stand out in color in the calendar.

6. Assigning a task is very easy, using the drop-down lists that exist in each cell of the calendar. Once you select a task, the cell automatically acquires the formatting you set for that task.

7. Deleting an assignment is also very easy, just click on the desired cell and press Delete on your keyboard.

The calendar is provided at the price of $29 and you can order it with Paypal clicking on the following button:

Since it is an Excel application, it can be further customized according to your requirements and specifications. In this case, please use the contact form to send us your message.

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