Business reporting tool in Excel: calculate the Turnover, the Profit and Cost per Customer - Looking for Custom Excel Spreadsheets, Templates and Applications?

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Three very important statistical indicators for any business. Now you can easily track them, either daily or over time with the dynamic Excel reporting tool that we have prepared.

Description and features of the application:

1. Data entry form

The daily entry of data is very easy: the current date is filled in automatically (which you can change if you want, by double-clicking on the date field), then you fill in the turnover and the cost of the day (the profit is calculated automatically) and finally you enter the total number of customers of the day.

By clicking on the Save button, the record is saved in the database.

2. Database

This tab stores all the entries you make with the data entry form. If you have a simple acquaintance with Excel filters, you can easily select any time period and see the transactions and totals of that period.

3. Statistical report

This is the most essential tab of the application as it provides all the information in a graphic and useful way. You can use the timeline at the top to select any time period. Statistics and graphs are automatically updated each time you make a selection. The graph can show either a monthly display (as in the main image at the top of the article), or a daily one (as in the image above).

Watch the following video showing the basics of the app:

The cost of this reporting tool is $9.90, a one-time fee, no annual or other costs. You can order it with PayPal and receive it in your email.

Since it is an Excel application, it can be further customized according to your requirements and specifications.

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