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This powerful and practical Excel application tracks your students' progress on a subject (or subjects) that you define. By using a set of simple questions and a very-easy-to-complete form, your students complete their daily progress and you can check their progress.

"How can I keep track of my students' progress?"

The main page of the app is the daily calendar which also includes two customizable questions. You can easily check a student's completed days and by double clicking on a day you can check the details.

Each day has a set of simple customizable questions, usually completed by a drop down list. 

It is marked as "Complete" as soon as the student completes all questions.

And it is also automatically marked as "Complete" in the calendar.

The main calendar view is designed to fit perfectly in an A4 paper and you can also export it as a one-page PDF file.

The Students Progress Calendar app costs 34.90 US$ and you can order it via the PayPal safe system by clicking on the button below. This is a one-time fee and there are no annual fees or costs per user/licence.  Since it is an Excel app, it can be modified and customized according to your needs and desires. If you would like a custom version, please use our site's contacting form to send us a brief description. We will be happy to send you our quote!

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