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Do you need a tool to list the file names of a folder and its sub-folders in an Excel spreadsheet?

We have created a free Excel application with which you can do the above task. By pressing the Find Files button you see a window to select the desired folder on any disk on your computer (internal or external) and immediately after that, the file names contained in that folder are filling a table in your Excel. You can then manage and edit this table as you would do with any Excel table.

App print-screen

You can also choose whether to search within any sub-folders contained in the main folder you selected. In this case, the second column of the table shows the name of the folder / subfolder within which each file was found.

This free app can be further customized like for example:

  • Return only specific file types, eg xls, doc, jpg, pdf...
  • Have the ability to open each file by clicking on the cell that contains its name.
  • Return the file name and its type (extension) into different columns.

If you are interested in any further customization, please use either the contact form or the chat button to send us a message.

You can download the application for free, by clicking here!

Note: depending on the version of your Excel, you may get security alerts. You can accept those safely as our apps do not contain any kind of malicious code for your computer. However, we recommend that you only use our current official website to download our apps. By downloading this application you automatically accept that we disclaim any liability if any of our applications is misused or used in a different manner than described in our official website.

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