Hotel Customer Satisfaction Excel App - Looking for Custom Excel Spreadsheets, Templates and Applications?

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There is nothing more important than having satisfied customers. Sometimes we tend to suppose that our customers are quite satisfied with our services. 

This Excel tool will help hotel owners to learn in-depth about how satisfied their customers are. This app consists of two parts:  

1. Submitting form: customers find this form in their rooms and are motivated to answer all the questions (16 in total, can be customized). After they complete it, they can return it to the hotel's reception or just leave it in the room.  

2. Reporting tool: forms are typed in the Excel app by the hotel staff. You need a few seconds for each completed form. Then the hotel management can refresh the data and see a variety of statistics about customer satisfaction for each question.  The app was created in the Greek language and can be easily translated to any other language. You can get an idea by checking out the print screens below. 

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